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Journal Access Server come into being at FEE CTU in Prague, thanks to support of The Czech Science Foundation – GACR in year 2001. Consequently was developed and now here are published results of research work and other information, not only from communications access networks area.

Abstracts in English are added at the beginning of each article.

Important dates

Editoria board

Doc. Ing. Jiří Vodrážka, Ph.D.

Memebers of Editorial Board:
Ing. Robert Bešťák, Ph.D. - ČVUT FEL Praha
Ing. Leoš Boháč, Ph.D. - ČVUT FEL Praha
Prof. Ing. Pavel Zahradník, CSc. - ČVUT FEL Praha
Doc. Ing. Miloš Schlitter, CSc. - SITEL Praha
Doc. Ing. Vladislav Škorpil, CSc. - VUT FEKT Brno
Doc. Ing. Miroslav Vozňák, Ph.D. - VŠB TU FEI Ostrava
Ing. Ondřej Hudousek, Ph.D. - T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.
Ing. Petr Jareš, Ph.D. - ČVUT FEL Praha

Executive editor:
Ing. Bc. Ivan Pravda, Ph.D.


Department of Telecommunication Engineering
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University in Prague
Technická 2
166 27 Praha 6 - Dejvice

e-mail: pravdai[--at--]fel.cvut.cz

Information for authors

Here can be published original scientific publications and papers(comes out self-research in typical structure: introduction, abstract, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion), also original survey and scientific articles, concerning especially area of telecommunication and related fields. Responsibility for content and language level lies in author. All publications are reviewed. Editorial staff reserve right to not published the article, if it is not in accordance with technical profile of magazine or its technical or language level is not appropriate.

Additionally, next to original scientific and professional articles, are published press releases, informing about actual events and interesting facts in branch. Press releases are not specialized publications, thus are not reviewed. Decision about theirs publication is taken by Editorial Board.

For authors template of article is available, which is published in html format. Mandatory part of article is abstract in English, having from 500 up to 1000 characters.

Articles are published in editions (issues), typically tree times a year on the dates 15.5. - 15.10. - 15.12.
Articles can be sent at any time to the editorial office address, typical closing dates are 15.4. - 15.9. - 15.11.

Instructions for reviewers

Primary reviewer’s task is to voice an opinion about originality and professional level of article, which is written in reviewer’s form available in *.txt format. Reviewer also makes appropriate corrections or changes in article and recommends article to be published or revised.